In this section, I’ll try to address one of the common requests we got recent past with regards to the container orchestration best practices we should follow in order to deploy integration-related use cases.

When you deploy your integrations as a developer, the main concern is to ensure the high availability and scalability of your system, this would become even more complicated when the business units have their own set of components. …


We are living in an unprecedented era of new challenges, COVID revamps multiple fronts of the financial industry from SME to large scale business to individuals. But In response to the global COVID-19 recession, central banks across the world unleashed synchronized monetary stimulus to backstop the economy, driving short-term and long-term rates downward. This has brought the opportunity for long term borrowers to collect real states. …

With the ever-growing demand for decentralized architecture, when anyone buzy design systems; on-premises or cloud, it is a must, they need to pay special attention to the troubleshooting.

There is a massive demand for decentralized architectures. Having to have almost all business capabilities online and serving a global customer base with low latency is driving enterprise architects to rethink existing architectural strategies for scale. In a large distributed system, it’s critical to have visibility at the operational level for troubleshooting issues.

As a solutions architect, in my book, observability /tracing ranks at the top requirement for the project deliverable. I…

One of the newest features of APIM 3.2.0 and beyond is the abstract interfaces that allow you to connect with any 3rd party Key managers. The flow goes as when a Key Manager is added via the Admin Portal, it is persisted in the APIM DB as well as an event is triggered to the Traffic Manager. As a result, the Gateway will receive the event and register the Key Manager in the Gateway. Therefore, the Key Manager will be registered as another Key Manager and it will be available for the APIs that are created within the tenant.


WSO2 API Manager, a leading platform for creating, managing, consuming, and monitoring APIs. Recently named the leader THE FORRESTER WAVE™: API MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS, Q3 2020.

With the ever-growing demand around API ecosystems. WSO2 APIM proven SOA best practices to solve a wide range of API management challenges such as API provisioning, API governance, API security, and API monitoring.

It combines some of the most powerful and mature components of the WSO2’s state-of-the-art Carbon platform to deliver a smooth and end-to-end API management experience while catering to both API publisher and API consumer requirements.

In this section, I’ll be focusing on…

Inter communication between different domain specifics is overwhelming and attracting so much attention in modern day microservices deployment. Microservices architecture is all about desegregating the applications into fine-grained services. To implement any business use case, theses services have to interact with each other as well as with any other existing systems such as web APIs and databases, over the network. So, building inter-service/process communication is absolutely critical for microservices.

Generally microservices-based architecture, dividing very complex structure into independently developed and deployed services, which result in forming a mesh with many communication links, therefore, often the division is not as obvious…

In my first blog [1], we focused on a generic concept of Ballerina programming language. If you read the blogs available under [2], you will probably get a good understanding of key features that Ballerina offers. Anyway, I thought of composing this blog and thought of covering following sections with a very simple but quite powerful sample.

Will try to cover;

  1. How we can work with packing architecture of Ballerina configs.
  2. Understanding connectors, because a connector allows you to interact ​mainly ​with third-party ​APIs. ​This​ enables​ you to connect and interact with APIs such as Twitter,​ ​Gmail, and Facebook​ easily…

Introduction— Part -1

Recently concluded WSO2Con USA 2017 brought the concept which revolutionized and opened the eye of Agile Digital Transformation Through Open Source and we are being asked review the integration practices through a different angle. It’s a conjunction of integration paradigm or I should say the cross check of what we known so far; the launch of We thought the suitable phrase for the announcement as

Let’s Make Integration Great Again….

I guess, some of you may heard same verbal during 2016 in one of the presidential election !! So, as same way as in political arena, WSO2 thinks Integration…

Dushan Abeyruwan

Architect/Associate Director WSO2

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